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Nora & Finn


14th October 2017

How artists have butchered food!

The process of eating, catching, making and sharing food is a performance that exists since the start of time. The act of consuming food is visceral, personal and intimate. The act of presenting food is a ritual; the preparation, the presentation, sharing, gifting, and serving. Artists leave nothing, as a collective body, the art world consumes everything around it and digests it into art. It would be impossible for art and food to stay apart, a fundamental part of our everyday experience deeply connected to our physical and psychological wellbeing. A snack, a drink, a packed lunch, a takeaway, dinner, a banquette, supper, afternoon tea, these moments provide an escape, a retreat, nostalgia, an experience. Eating as education, tasting as time travel, mastication as method, drinking as dissection, expanding our methods of learning and understanding through taste, texture and smell.

An essay dinner by Demelza Watts


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15th & 16th July 2017

This tastes different to home.

6am start. Packed car. The overspill of mum's luggage under my feet. Mum's taking ages. Dad's angry. She's always late. Every time. I tell her a time and she just faffs around. Your sister's no better. Seacat to Calais. Dad's sandwiches. Dad's AMAZING sandwiches. Pastrami and mustard. Soggy tuna. Wholemeal bread. Every time. Stand up wees. Pee on my new green orange and fuscia suede sandals. Back in the car. Don't open the windows the air con will come on in a minute. Scorching leather. Sweating thighs. Pee on my shoes. Motorway. Motorway. Motorway. Toll booth. Mum misses the basket to throw the coins in. Jilly Cooper on book tape. Sex, scandal, summer sun. Who wants a sweet? Only humbugs left. Side 10 of 12.  I think it's time to stop for the night. This looks amazing. Dad shakes his head on the way back to the car. This looks nice. Dad shakes his head on the way back to the car. This looks...ok. Dad shakes his head on the way back to the car. This looks awful. Jen why don't you get out I've done all the driving. You know how hard it is for a woman abroad. Door slamming. Can you believe her? Mum nods her head on the way back to the car. Loud groan. The worlds worst hotel room. Much worse than last year. No what about the one that smelt of rice. Ok that was worse. Jambon and Frite. Coca cola light. Merci beaucoup. This tastes different to home. No it's exactly the same. No you can't have another one. French tv. Sleep on a pillow shaped in a cylinder. Too hot. Morning. Pain au Chocolat. Nicky strips off all the crossiant to leave two strips of solid chocolate. I've finished mine. Back in the car. Don't open the windows the air con will come on in a minute. Scorching leather. Sweating thighs. I can see the mountains. Holiday tape in the machine.  Fleetwood Mac. Cat Stevens. Beach boys. Mum hates the winding roads. Mum hates ABBA. In the 70's they weren't cool they were really naff. No they weren't Jen. Everybody loves ABBA. Pine Tree's and Stevie Nicks. I want to be with you everywhere. Sign for the Pachachaid Campsite. Legs twitching. Seat belt undone. Put that back on Lindsey. Can I jump straight in? Car stops. Doors finally open. Crickets sing. We are here. We are finally here. 

Featuring work by Lindsey Mendick


interstellar dystopia

29th & 30th April

Make Yourself Hard To Kill

How can foundational scientific principles affect and distort our everyday understanding of our reality? The everyday and the extra terrestrial are seen side-by-side, as human life is part of an infinite, mostly unchartered, universe we must be prepared to adapt to survive. Referencing the vast expanse of the universe, our insignificance within it and feelings of discontent towards the modern world, the work battles the dualities of control and risk, safety and danger, success and failure. Explore the cryptic interstellar complexities of our existence, drawing from past, present and future mythologies surrounding human life.

Featuring work by Phoebe Baines.


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10th & 12th February

They loved love until they met

A young lover falls in love for the idea of a woman. All his fantasies make him drunk in a platonic abstraction of love, a concept that he can't touch, he can't realise. In love with love, the receptacle of his affection won't be the woman, too imperfect, too human. She is the carrier of the flag of love, embodies its monument, a vehicle for its spell in a mist of agony. But to lose the agony would you would lose the purpose. Love, after all, is worth dying for.

Featured artist: Guendalina Cerruti 



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3rd & 4th December

Don’t fail, in case you fail.

Take your elbows off the table, sit straight, shut your mouth when eating. Rules are embedded in our behaviour like braces on teeth, deciding how we smile, how we chew. Like a twitch on an eyelid. Discipline is the relationship between a docile body and a successful result, it determines its instruction, the recipe to a success not chosen, but established. Everything is a potential hazard in a culture of insurance. 

Featured artist: Kate Blee


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21st & 23rd OCTOBER

I’ve never had tea with milk. Milk is my favourite drink. 

 By interchanging the focus from presenting a fictive plausible story to spontaneously acknowledging the reality of the making and the present, the experience of the work becomes dense and multilayered, as your necessary participation becomes an integral part of this self conscious process. 

Featured artist: Sam Carvosso



allure – 21st & 22nd MAY

Let us kiss you on the palate with a seafood menu based on attraction. Artist Alexander Glass will be collaborating with Finn Thomson to curate the table and dining room, and Nora Silva will be at the hobs. Let your tastebuds go, we'll deliver desire on a plate. Location in Islington on the 21st & 22nd of May at 7pm.

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Broken mirrors, spilt salt and ladders. TRADITIONAL SUPERSTITIOUS ROUTINES INSPIRE EACH COURSE. a collaboration with ARTISTS paloma proudfoot & finn thomson.