The dinner is a gallery, the gallery is a menu, the exhibition is a supper club

The Gramounce is a supper club to challenge the concept of the art gallery, question the relationship of artists and labour and successfully fund art projects. We aim to establish the meal as a new display context where the audience is comfortable to be able to access contemporary art. The guest’s attention is choreographed to better engage with the work shown. 

We organise dinners where an artist is commissioned to exhibit under the idea of the supper as an exhibition. All the profit raised via tickets is divided in equal parts between the curator, the cook and the artist. Therefore we ensure everyone is paid and impede the abuse from the art market towards creatives. We use cooking as fundraising strategy as well as a practice based research process. And also, the food is delicious!

The Gramounce is run by artists Nora Silva and Finn Thomson

Collaborators include:

The Gramounce was born out of MilesKm as a fundraiser in 2014

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